Coffee & Tea Services

We approach our business from a very specific, but simplistic point of view. What can we do with our offering that makes our clients experience with us the absolute best it can be? We invite you to take a deep look into our psyche and see if you agree with our approach.

First, we believe that our coffee and tea selection has to be reflective of the actual market. Whether your company is into traditional pot brewing, single cup or all out bells and whistles steamed milk lattes we can accommodate your needs. Check out our list of coffee and teas to view all the fantastic possibilities.

Second, our equipment is always state of the art, attractive, easy to use, and cleaned thoroughly. We're real sticklers about keeping our equipment and surrounding coffee areas neat and clean. We wipe down our coffee stations every time we service them. The cleaner we use is antibacterial, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and it smells great too. To help keep our coffee stations neat and clean we provide our clients with product organizers.

Third, our pricing is always competitive. In many cases new clients have found us not only to have better service, but better pricing as well. With us you won't experience prices going up every time you look at your invoice. Let's not kid ourselves, price increases are a fact of life. Naturally we can't promise that we will never approach you for a price increase on our products. We will promise however, that any increase we seek will be reflective of our suppliers increases on us. We will promise that we will always meet with you before any price increases take place. Lastly, we will promise that you will never see a fuel surcharge on your invoice.

5 Gallon/Filtrated Water

Our water services are tailor made to fit our clients needs. You want filtrated water for your facility? We start by taking a sample of your water to a certified water expert. Based on that report (which you will receive a copy of), we then determine the level of filtration needed for your facility. Working directly with you to determine the color, height, floor model, or counter-top unit we build your system together. For those clients that have an area without accessibility to a water line we can deliver crisp, clean, ice cold water in 5 gallon containers. From the point of installation we will take care of all ongoing maintenance that is necessary.

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