Coffee & Tea Selection

Traditional Brew Coffee Pod (Single Cup) Coffee
Barrie House Blend Barrie Bold House Blend
Barrie House Blend Donut Shop Barrie Bold House Blend Decaf
Barrie House Blueberry Cream Barrie Bold House Kona Blend
Barrie House Broadway Blend Barrie House 100% Colombian
Barrie House Buzz Energized Coffee Barrie House Breakfast Blend
Barrie House Cafe Colombia Barrie House Donut Shop Blend
Barrie House Cafe Colombia Dark Barrie House French Roast
Barrie House Chocolate Cherry Barrie House French Vanilla
Barrie House Chocolate Coconut Barrie House Hazelnut
Barrie House Chocolate Raspberry Cream Barrie House Hazelnut Decaf
Barrie House Coffee Crumb Cake Barrie House Sumatra
Barrie House Colombia Decaf Cafe Classic Espresso Bold
Barrie House Costa Rican Cafe Classic French Roast
Barrie House Donut Shop Cafe Classic Guatemala Antigua
Barrie House Donut Shop Decaf Cafe Classic Hazelnut
Barrie House Egg Nog Cafe Classic Hazelnut Decaf
Barrie House Gingerbread Cafe Classic Jamaican
Barrie House Graham Cracker Cafe Classic Kona
Barrie House Hawaiian Kona Cafe Classic Pacific Bold
Barrie House Hawaiian Kona Decaf Cafe Classic Sumatra Mandehling
Barrie House Hazelnut Cafe Classic vanilla
Barrie House Hazelnut Decaf Donut Shop Apple Fritter
Barrie House Irish Cream Donut Shop Apple Fritter
Barrie House Mocha Java Donut Shop Dark
Barrie House Organic Blend Donut Shop Donut Bakers Dozen
Barrie House Organic Blend Decaf Donut Shop Double Dip Chocolate
Barrie House Pumpkin Pie Donut Shop Medium
Barrie House Seattle Dark French Roast  
Barrie House Strawberry Shortcake Instant Coffee
Barrie House Sumatra Folgers
Barrie House Swiss Mocha Almond Maxwell House
Barrie House Town & Country Sanka
Barrie House Town & Country Decaf  
Barrie House Town & Country Xtra Traditional (Steep) Tea
Barrie House Vanilla Cream Lipton
Barrie House Vanilla Cream decaf Lipton Decaf
Barrie House Vermont Maple Nut crunch RC Bigelow Apple Cinnamon
Donut Shop Classic RC Bigelow Cinnamon Stick
Donut Shop Classic Decaf RC Bigelow Cranberry Apple
Eight-O-Clock Colombian RC Bigelow Darjeeling
Eight-O-Clock Dark Roast RC Bigelow English Breakfast
Eight-O-Clock Decaf RC Bigelow English Tea Time 
Eight-O-Clock French Roast RC Bigelow English Tea Time Decaf
Folger's Classic Roast RC Bigelow Green Jasmine
Folger's Classic Roast Decaf RC Bigelow Green Tea
Maxwell House Master Blend RC Bigelow Green Tea Decaf
Maxwell House Regular RC Bigelow Green with Lemon
Maxwell House Special delivery RC Bigelow Green with Pomegranate
Maxwell House Special Delivery Decaf RC Bigelow Herb Chamomile
Millstone Breakfast Blend RC Bigelow Herb Lemon
Millstone Colombian Supremo RC Bigelow Herb Orange Spice
Millstone Decaf Colombian RC Bigelow Lemon Lift
Peets Colombian RC Bigelow Mint Medley
Peets French Roast RC Bigelow Plantation Mint
Peets Major Dickason Blend RC Bigelow Raspberry Royal
Peets Major House Blend RC Bigelow Sweet Dreams
Peets Major House Blend decaf RC Bigelow Vanilla Chai
Seattle's Best Henry's Blend Tazo Black Awake
Seattle's Best Seattle Blend Tazo Calm
Seattle's Best Seattle Blend Decaf Tazo Earl Grey
Seattle’s Best Tazo Green China
Seattle’s Best Colombian Tazo Herb Refresh
Seattle’s Best House Blend Tazo Matcha Latte
Starbucks Breakfast Blend Tazo Organic Chai
Starbucks Cafe Estima Tazo Passion
Starbucks Cafe Verona Tazo Sweet Orange
Starbucks Frapp Mocha Tazo Wild Sweet Orange
Starbucks French Roast Tazo Zen
Starbucks House Blend  
Starbucks House Blend Decaf Pod (single cup) Tea
Starbucks Pike Place Roast
Starbucks Sumatra Cafe Classic English Breakfast
Wawa Coffee Original Blend Cafe Classic Green with Lemon
Wawa Dark Roast Cafe Classic Herbal Fruit
Wawa Decaf JavaOne Earl Grey
  JavaOne English Breakfast
  JavaOne Tropical Citrus Green


We also carry a large variety of flavored syrups, cups, creamers and other supplies you need for a fully stocked coffee station.

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