Our approach to vending is truly unique. Yes, we provide all the traditional items like Pepsi, Coke, Lays etc, but we also have an extensive selection of all-natural organic sodas and snacks available for vending and direct office delivery.

As always, our equipment is state of the art, and designed to accommodate the ever changing tastes of our clients. We go the extra step of buying our drink machines instead of relying on the bottlers to provide them to us for free. Owning our machines means that the bottlers can't dictate to us what drinks can be sold from it. With us, you will have the ability to choose from a virtually limitless selection. We will not attempt to box you into a product format that's convenient for us. Rather, you will have the ability to choose from products like Snapple, Mistic, Propel, protein supplements, and meal replacement smoothies. As long as it will vend out of our machine, and we can sell it legally... we can make it available to you.

Credit/Debit Card Readers

Here at Cardinal we keep a very close eye on industry advances in equipment, products, and payment systems. One advance we're adopting is providing credit and debit card readers for our clients. A large part of vending is about convenience. Customers want to be able to acquire their purchase as quickly as possible. As the market moves closer to a cashless society, we view it as our responsibility to offer these new payment options to our clients.


The machines we install can even carry your company's branding and message to your vending machines. Find out more.

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